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The Centenary Connextions

He is Risen!

Join us Sunday, online or in person, to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord. Because He lives, we can face

tomorrow unafraid, confident of God’s never-ending presence.

In the late 1700s, during the early days of the Methodist movement in Great Britain, the word “connexion” referred to the relationship Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, had with his members, societies (congregations), and itinerant (traveling) preachers. All were in “connexion” with him, and through him, with one another. “Connectionalism” became the word used to describe Methodism’s unique pattern of church life, emphasizing

interdependence and mutual support over independence and autonomy.

Today, we’re still part of a larger “connexion.” Within our congregation, we belong to one another as a family of brothers and sisters related to one another, not by our own blood but by the blood of Christ. We have each other’s backs. As connexional Christians, we’re called to put the well-being of the whole ahead of our own desires and opinions. Our congregation is part of a larger family of churches in eastern North Carolina known as the North Carolina Annual Conference. Our Conference, in turn, is part of the worldwide United Methodist Church.

We live out our connexion through a system of shared pastors known as “itinerancy.” We live out our connexion through our mutual support of the mission of the larger Church through financial gifts known as “apportionments.” We live out our connexion by relinquishing ownership (but not control!) of local church property to the Conference through a legal provision known as the Trust Clause that goes back to Mr. Wesley himself.

We at Centenary thank God for over 250 years of belonging to the Connexion. We continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world according to the pattern described in scripture, as interpreted by our founder, John Wesley.

To acknowledge our gratitude for the network of relationships that has helped sustain us through the centuries, we’re renaming our weekly email newsletter from “Friday Greetings” to “The Centenary Connexion.”

May we always stay connected to one another, to our church, to our denomination, and above all, to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pastor Vann

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