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Daily Encouragement - June 1

Matthew 11:29-30

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me;

For I am humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

A yoke puts two beings [often oxen] together to handle a load that can’t be managed by one. I’m sure you can see how that may be applied as a guide toward encouragement. There are so many things in life that are best, shared. Sometimes it’s not just enjoyable like a sack race or three legged race, sometimes it’s the only way to accomplish what needs to be done. While sack races and three legged races are all about getting two racers into the same rhythm, the yoke requires direction. The animals attached to the yoke have a job to do, and they are guided as to how it gets done. 

Jesus tells us to take his yoke. That means to attach ourselves to him in such a way that we can be led to move in the desired direction. In addition, we are to learn from Him as he is humble, and we will find rest for our souls. What do you think we will learn? What does it mean for you to know that the yoke is easy and the burden is light? For my first reaction, the easy yoke is when what is yoked follows the direction meant to accomplish the work that needs to be done. Trying to pull away or move in another direction while yoked is not light or easy. Yet staying on the right track will lead us to rest.

We talk quite a bit about staying together in our response to the Covid19 problem. Isn’t that what Jesus is asking? Not only are we to stay yoked together so we are moving in the same direction to do a shared job. We also recognize that we are being guided by a leader who has our best interests at heart. Jesus looks for our voluntary response to his offer to yoke us. That’s where his being humble comes in. As we accept his offer to take that yoke upon us, we learn that his leadership, guiding hand, and intent are for us to find rest for our souls. Yesterday we celebrated We are reassured once again that what we do is not dependent on our individual gifts and graces. They will always be enhanced by our connectedness. Being connected to the right source is what makes all the difference. United we stand; divided we fail; to paraphrase a bit.

Hymn: Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love vs. 2&4

Joined in one spirit to our Head, where he appoints we go,

and still in Jesus’ footsteps tread, and do his work below.

We all are one who him receive and each with each agree,

in him the One, the Truth we live; blest point of unity.

Today we pray: Lord Jesus we often come to you fragmented, lost, and feeling alone. Bring us together in your care so that we may receive your promised rest. Then rested, send us on the way to accomplish the Father’s will in your name. Amen.

Pastor David Brosnan

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