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Centenary Thru-the-Week School

May 2024
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What a busy and exciting time we have had this April experiencing many delightful moments and we are looking forward to many more in the short time we have left this school year. 


 We returned from Easter break to lots of fun learning all about life on the farm and all the animals who live there. We had lots of silly laughs trying to imitate all the animal sounds.

We have also really enjoyed our little caterpillar friends!   We learned about how they will eat and grow big and fat and then spin a chrysalis and emerge as beautiful butterflies.   We loved singing about our little friends and their adventure! Each class will be releasing the butterflies on the playground when they are ready and watching them fly around and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 

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A big THANK YOU to the Cow Cafe' for letting us come in for a visit during Farm Week! 

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We had lots of new adventures during Farm Week… a field trip to Cow Café, sensory bins full of corn and beans, chicks came to visit us, and lots of arts and crafts where we got to make big adorable messes!

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The Stevenson family brought some of their farm animals to share with the preschool!

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Farm themed sensory bins in the classrooms 

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Preschool Graduation

(Pre-K Class)


May 23rd @ 9:30am


Preschoolers need to be dropped off at their classroom at 9:00am so they can begin getting ready.  Families are welcome to go to the Chapel and find a seat. After the ceremony you will have the opportunity to take family pictures with your graduate.

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   The month of May is filled with talk about our families and how much we love and appreciate all the many things they do for us, sprinkled in with the excitement of Summer and all the fun things we have planned!  

We will have lots of fun painting with shaving cream, blowing bubbles, and celebrating our friend’s summer birthdays.                       

        We still have a few more weeks left in school and you can be sure we are going to fill them with as many happy moments and experiences as we possibly can.  

         Once again, THANK YOU for sharing your children with us this year.  We have enjoyed watching them learn and grow.

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Centenary United Methodist Church 

proudly presents:

Children's Choir Spring Musical


Where: Sanctuary



May 24th 6 pm  

May 26th 9 am & 11 am

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