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Friday Greetings - April 17

Friday Greetings friends! We are enjoying the fact that we have so many wonderful ways of connecting, many of which you will find on our NEW WEBSITE. The address is the same ( We are updating our info as quickly as we are able.

The church office continues to remain open M-F 9 am-12 pm for those dropping off and picking up offerings or goods going to folk in the community, as well as the opportunity to visit the altar for some time with our loving God. Craig is sanitizing rails, handles, doorknobs and so much more every day to keep things as safe as possible for us working here and for you who pop in for quick hello....I emphasize 'quick' as a reminder that while it's great to see you all, we should practice our best witness to keep each other and each others families safe.

Even in a time such as this, God finds ways to touch us and we know that we are connected to God and one another. By now you should have received a phone, an email, or a card from at least one member of our congregation. We have recruited a group of "shepherds" to help us stay connected and to encourage one another in these times. Since the beginning of time, God has been turning chaos into order and our faith is a representative of that truth to the world around us. Stay strong and in prayer...we will get through this!

As we are trying to make sure everyone is connected as best as possible, here are a couple of other places where we are trying to improve content, information and visibility:

We are using this social media platform to broadcast live for Xperience Contemporary Worship at 9am and Traditional Worship at 11am on Sunday mornings. 11am will also be broadcast on radio station 97.9 The Bear. We will also broadcast on the radio and video platforms on Wednesday evenings

Please click this link and subscribe. The amount of subscribers allows us to have a better visibility and reach in the community. Many of our families don't use Facebook. We are making every attempt to make sure that the 3 live video services will be available on youtube as well.

This week we celebrate the SECOND Sunday of Easter. Yes, Easter is more than just one day. For the Church it is a season of 50 days and for the people of faith Easter is a way of understanding everyday. Our Scriptures tell us that for 40 days, Jesus taught his disciples all that the proclamation of Easter would and does mean. Ever since, we have been learning together what it means for us to say "Christ is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!" Join us in these weeks as we consider "Now What?" What do we do now that we have declared Christ is Risen.

Pastor Michael

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