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Friday Greetings - April 24

In our staff devotional time this week, we read a quotation from Peter Maurin, who was active in the Catholic Worker Movement from the early years of the twentieth century. He was known to remark, “they say that I am crazy because I refuse to be crazy the day everyone else is crazy.” I found myself thinking that is largely the message Peter sent to “the exiles of dispersion.” Peter is writing to people new to this new faith and helping them to see that the challenge of the Christian faith is that we are called to be different, to be strangers, and to the crazy of the world, that looks crazy. Over these weeks of Easter, we are talking about the “Now What” that comes from our declaration that Christ is Risen. This week, we look at being set free for a new life. Join us on Facebook, YouTube or radio at 11:00.

Pastor Tom

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