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Friday Greetings - August 25

You may have heard that the Bible says “Do not fear” 365 times. That’s not quite right---it’s closer to 150---but in any case, the message is clear: those who believe in the Almighty shouldn’t live in fear. Yet every day, in the news and on social media, I see Christians shaking in their shoes. We’re afraid of everything: communism, liberalism, conservatism, immigrants, critical race theory, LGBTQ people, global warming, COVID, the Chinese, artificial intelligence, the Illuminati, Hollywood. How many times have I read the phrase “Christians are under attack”? I have to believe that, looking down on us from his heavenly throne, the Lord must be disappointed. Why are we like Peter sinking in the waves, so unsure of God’s grace and providence?

Church family, are we ready for the challenges life will inevitably send our way? Do we live from strength and confidence? Or are we anxious for tomorrow and unsure of ourselves? Do we live from weakness and fear?

This Sunday, I’m preaching from Matthew 16:13-20, and my message is about “Storming Hades.” Join us and be equipped to run toward danger, not away from it. Let’s roll, brothers and sisters.

Pastor Vann

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