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Friday Greetings - December 29

From Pastor Tyler

As a child growing up, my grandmother always insisted on having her Christmas decorations down before New Year's Day, which meant there was very little of Christmas left by December 31st. The decorations were in the attic, and the leftovers had been eaten. But this Sunday, we linger with the Christmas story a while longer. New Year's Eve is the 7th Day of Christmas, and this year, we will observe the Feast of the Epiphany. The Gospel reading is the story of the Magi from Matthew 2.

While the rest of the world moves on and the powers of commerce move us swiftly along to Valentine's Day and the next chance to spend money on gifts and treats, we linger with the young Jesus and the Magi. And we reflect on the hope that arrives on the 1st Day of Christmas and remains with us all throughout the year.

I hope you will join us as we worship as one church family at 11:00 am.

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