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Friday Greetings - January 27

May this prayer begin to prepare your heart and mind for Sunday and for God's hope for you and yours.

Merciful God…For those who are hungry – physically or emotionally – we ask that they would be filled. For those who are poor - either in spirit or financially – that the Kingdom of God would be theirs. For those who show mercy to others - that they will be shown mercy. For those who are pure in heart - that they would see You. For the peacemakers - we pray that they would be called sons and daughters of You. For those who hunger and thirst to see good prevail - may they see right overcome wrong, and may they be filled with peace. For those who suffer for doing good – may you strengthen and reward them. For any of us – or our friends who are going through a particularly hard time. May you walk with us carrying us through this time in our lives? May we know your peace when things are in turmoil around us? We particularly remember those who are hurting. Be it the immigrant, the homeless, the lost, the different, the abandoned….May they be filled with your amazing love and have a purpose to carry them through this stage of their lives. We pray for all who serve you in the Church and community. For our children and young people, may your light shine in their lives and may you guide them on the path you have for them. For each of us may we know your healing. May we know the Holy Spirit in a real and powerful way in our lives. We ask you to help us to follow Jesus’ example to love and serve, and may we know we are redeemed by his love and forgiveness. That whatever hard things we have to face we can call on you for help. Today Oh Lord we say yes to you To life. To all that is true and good Amen

This Sunday, join us as we search the Beatitudes in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

Pastor Michael

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