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Friday Greetings - March 25

Do you ever feel on the outside? In the story from Luke, often referred to as the Story of the Prodigal Son, we encounter a young man who receives an opportunity. He boldly (and insultingly) asks his father for his inheritance, a ridiculous request. Nonetheless, his father obliges.

After wasting all of his inheritance and a time of living outside the safety and comfort of his home, he finds himself lost, miserable, broke and living just to barely survive.

He decides to come home to throw himself at his father’s mercy. The Father doesn't want to hear about his son's mistakes. He doesn't need the young man to debase himself. Instead, the father is overjoyed. The true treasure he had lost when his son left home has been returned to him. He is just glad that his lost son is home and throws a party.

The young man's older brother is out working in the field. You see, while his brother went out squandering his father’s fortune, he stayed and worked the farm. He is livid when he discovers that there's a party being thrown for his brother who has returned. He is on the outside, but not for long. He must confront his father to see how his brother can be treated so well after gambling away the fortunes, tarnishing the family name and showing a complete disregard for the rest of his family.

The Father doesn't care. He is just overjoyed that the children are there and his family is together again.

So which son is lost? Which character do you most identify with in this parable?

See you Sunday!

Grace and Peace!

Pastor Michael

Sunday Scripture

Joshua 5:9-12

Psalm 32

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

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