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Friday Greetings - November 19

Throughout the Bible and history, we hear and read Jesus called by a variety of names and titles. On this Sunday each year, the Sunday before Advent begins, we are reminded of the title King. Christ the King Sunday.

Great misunderstanding about what it means to be Lord or King misunderstood by the Israelites, misunderstood by Saul, misunderstood by David, misunderstood by the disciples, misunderstood by Pilate It’s misunderstood by and large in our world today. To be King is to be a servant of all. It isn't about power or dominion's about power through love and grace.

Our King rules from a place of having all of the knowledge in the universe and chooses to rule through love, generosity, forgiveness and grace.

Jesus did come upon the earth to establish a kingdom, but says “My kingdom is not of this world.” Christ's Kingdom is truly out of this world in so many ways (literally and figuratively)! Let's glimpse it together this Sunday morning as a community. Grace and Peace!

Pastor Michael

Sunday Scripture

Psalm 132:1-12

2 Samuel 23:1-7

Revelation 1:4b-8

John 18:33-37

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