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The Centenary Connextion - April 12

Pushing Past Fear

Have you ever considered that the Resurrection didn’t heal Jesus of his wounds? When he saw the disciples again after being raised from the dead, he invited them to touch his wounds. Was this to prove he was real and not an apparition or hallucination? Yet, wouldn’t touching his healed, uninjured hand have served the same purpose?

As the Son of God…God in human flesh…Jesus could have been raised intact and

uninjured but instead decided to retain the signs of his suffering. Why do you think he did that? Hold that thought and join us for worship this Sunday morning to learn more. The sermon title this week is “Pushing Past Fear.”

Addressing Disinformation in the United Methodist Church

Please read this recent letter from Virginia Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson to the pastors and laity of the Virginia Annual Conference. Disinformation continues to be spread to undermine the United Methodist Church.

Here is the link:

Pastor Vann

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