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Friday Greetings - August 7

Have you ever dwelt on something bad for what seemed like forever…especially something you could have changed? Made a bad mistake or said a hurtful thing that was just terrible. Wish you could just go back in time to fix it? Maybe take a Tardis or a DeLorean to another place in time. 

Perhaps you have a grander vision for our planet and her people and would go back in time to prevent a cataclysmic event…maybe a couple of very early morning phone calls on September 11, 2001? I would like to go back to 12 years old when I was in fairly decent shape and maintain that track, eat more veggies and never learn what a Mountain Dew was…but I digress. 

Why are we often convinced on what should have happened…at least in our minds…would make everything else from that point on better? This Sunday, we’ll step through a story from yesteryear to hopefully see how it connects to us today in this time. 

Grace and Peace!

Pastor Michael

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