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Friday Greetings - March 22

This Sunday is Palm/Passion Sunday. It’s called Palm Sunday because we remember Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of the final week of his life. We’ll start our worship service on Sunday with a processional led by our children as we celebrate Christ's Lordship.

But the tone becomes more somber as we remember the Passion of Christ. Since many people don’t attend services on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, the church decided to include the death of Jesus in the service the Sunday before Easter.

So, this Sunday I’m preaching about the Cross. What does it mean to a faithful Christian? How can looking to the Cross and remembering its significance shape the life of a believer?

Join us this Sunday for worship, either online or in-person. 

Pastor Vann

We Need Your Help!

Our musicians work hard to prepare inspiring music for us on Sunday. This includes the

prelude and postlude. Please honor their devotion by not approaching them while

they’re playing, either before or after the service.

Also, the microphones at the front of the sanctuary are extremely sensitive. Until

worship is COMPLETELY over, i.e., the last musical note has been played, we’re live-

streaming to Facebook. If you’re standing near or under one of those mics before or

after the service, talking on your phone or chatting with someone near you, your

conversation may get picked up by the mics and broadcast for everyone on Facebook

to hear. If you want to talk after worship, it is advisable to do so at the back of the

sanctuary, in the narthex, or outside.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, and God bless!

A New Name?

Since “Friday Greeting” is essentially Centenary’s weekly newsletter, it may need a

better name. The pastors and staff would be interested in your suggestions. Please

e-mail them to the church office. Thanks!

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