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Friday Greetings - September 23

From Pastor Spivey

In a time of great uncertainty, the Prophet Jeremiah had a word of hope for God's people. Does that word still hold true for us today? Come find out or tune in this coming Sunday and hear Pastor Spivey talk about how we are "Planted in Faithfulness."

If you've heard troubling things about the United Methodist Church and wondered if they're true, check out the website "We Are #proudtobeumc." There are informative videos and links which respond to videos produced by the Global Methodist Church and its allies. Link:

The next New Member Sunday will be at all three services October 16th. If you want to speak about membership to one of our pastors before then, call the church at 252-637-4181. Pastor Spivey will try to hold a general information session before 10/16; stay tuned for details!

The latest disaffiliation update is a wonderful document on the North Carolina Conference website which addresses all the misconceptions, misinformation, and willful disinformation about the disaffiliation process. BE INFORMED! It's called "You May Have Heard."

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