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Friday Greetings - September 9


This coming Sunday marks the twenty-first anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Did you know there are 2,938 names inscribed on the bronze parapets at the reflecting pool at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City? Each represents a unique child of God who was killed. There are 58,318 names on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. There are 4.5 million names stored in the Hall of Names at the Holocaust Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem.

Do you know how many names are in the Bible? Scripture mentions 3,237 unique characters, 1,794 of whom have names. Each name represents a piece of our faith history. Names are important! Pastor Spivey will discuss names in his message this coming Sunday.


The Global Methodist Church was officially born on May 1, 2022. Many United Methodists are discerning whether to remain in the UMC or leave for the GMC. What's the difference? To compare the two, go to the North Carolina Conference and examine a chart prepared by the Texas Annual Conference. (Link: If you have further questions, contact Pastor Spivey.

Rev. Vann Spivey

Sunday Scripture

Isaiah 49:13-16

Luke 6:12-16

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