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Daily Encouragement - July 29

Mark 4: 30-34

Jesus continued, “What’s a good image for God’s kingdom? What parable can I use to explain it? Consider a mustard seed. When scattered on the ground, it’s the smallest of all the seeds on the earth; but when it’s planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all vegetable plants. It produces such large branches that the birds in the sky are able to nest in its shade.”

With many such parables he continued to give them the word, as much as they were able to hear. He spoke to them only in parables, then explained everything to his disciples when he was alone with them.

Our God created and continues to create. In that, we came from the dirt of the earth. We tend to use dirt in a negative way (ie. Joe is dirt poor; Barbara’s actions have muddied the water). This lesson is the parable about a mustard seed…in it’s small form looks insignificant, but grows into the largest of herbs that is a tree of life (of sorts) for other habitants of the earth. This little seed has not only broken through the compact desert dirt but has the power to transform the world above the dirt. God grows beautiful things out of dirt…even in us. God becomes rooted in us…no matter how hard we are or think we are and transforms us, allowing us to help in transforming others. The ground is being transformed…and so are we.

Little seeds can become big, beautiful things…so scatter your seeds of life giving and of love. That’s what our faith needs desperately today…more Christians showing the love of Christ by their kindness and actions. Our God doesn’t make no junk and that’s a message that all of our neighbors need to understand. I think this beautiful song by Gungor captures a message that so many need to hear. Enjoy.

Grace and Peace…

Pastor Michael

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