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Daily Encouragement - June 17

The Crux

Crux: Latin for cross:

now means the point of decision.

(Didn’t it always?)

Also appearing in words like





He wants me to take up one of those?

And follow him there?

Crucial decision.

We know the answer, don’t we? The call to the cross rings across the busy and confusing days of our living more clearly, more starkly, more urgently, more lovingly than in most of the journey of life.

Our nation is caught in the grip of a pandemic reluctant to let us go,- - -racial tensions and sexual discrimination cry out for attention- - poverty, hunger, unemployment, violence, glaring street fires and shouts of hatred shatter the darkness.

Is there an answer? Is there a quieting calm? Is there a sure voice to be heard above the raucous voices of hate …or the dying gasp, “I can’t breathe?”

He wants me to take up one of those? And follow him there? YES!

Then Jesus called the crowd and his disciples to him. “If anyone wants to come with me…he must forget himself, carry his cross and follow.”

Mark 8:34

Must Jesus bear the cross alone

and all the world go free?

No, there’s a cross for everyone,

And there’s a cross for me.

Prayer: Jesus, give me the courage, the vision, the strength, the love to carry my cross “till death shall set me free.” Amen.

Rev. A. Donald Hodges

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