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Daily Encouragement - November 28

1 Samuel 31:3-6. (The Message)

The battle was hot and heavy around Saul. The archers got his range and wounded him badly. Saul said to his weapon bearer, “Draw your sword and put me out of my misery, lest these pagan pigs come and make a game out of killing me.” But his weapon bearer wouldn’t do it. He was terrified. So Saul took the sword himself and fell on it. When the weapon bearer saw that Saul was dead, he too fell on his sword and died with him. So Saul, his three sons, and his weapon bearer - the men closest to him - died together that day.

Somehow, I think this scripture appropriate for the day after Black Friday! Of course, I’m hoping there aren’t the crowds stampeding stores. More than likely, we will do a lot of shopping online and ship the presents to our far-flung families because we won’t see them this year. The wrapping paper industry is going to take a big hit. The big direction will be “When the package arrives at your door, put a bow on it and don’t open it until Christmas.”

Ah, but a dark sinister side awaits. What the pundits are saying is that as drug companies ship the precious vaccines out (with all the care that necessarily involves) all shipping companies will bump our package deliveries to do the vaccines. as it should be. So Christmas presents will trickle in all through January. And what will we be left with? Oddly enough, I think it will be something nice: a dinner with those closest to us, presents purchased from local businesses, and perhaps a little more peace on earth.

That, folks, will be worth giving thanks for, won’t it?

So, in honor of Tom McClay, this is my short encouragement. Tom, you can return to your online shopping!

Pastor Rick Moser

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