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Daily Encouragement - September 17

Mordecai told the servants to reply to Esther, “…perhaps you have been called to royal dignity for just such a time as this.”  Esther 4:14 (read the whole story) I can’t help wondering where the birds and squirrels are. Before I left for Massachusetts in mid-June, our yard was full of really cute and entertaining wildlife. Mostly birds and squirrels with the occasional bunny. We have a bird feeder that we keep filled with seeds that both birds and squirrels seem to enjoy. The birds came early and ate their fill and left the remainder for the squirrels. They would climb up the pole that held the feeder and stretch WAY out to grasp the feeder and partake of the bounty held therein. One large squirrel would go quickly up and monopolize the food while a smaller one waited at the bottom to catch the seeds that fell out. Sometimes they would both climb, and hang upside down. They were quite entertaining. Rick sent me videos of them while I was away. But in the weeks since I have returned, I have seen neither squirrel nor bird. The feeder is full, but nobody comes to partake. In my walks around the neighborhood, I have seen only one squirrel (so cute, with a nut in her mouth) and heard some birds one time. Where are they, I wonder. I look at the lonely feeder, and miss my little friends during these days when I am home most of the time. And I wonder if God is trying to tell me that I need to stop peeping out the window trying to see squirrels living their lives, and get out there (but wearing a mask and staying socially distanced) and live the life I have been given. Surely there is something that I can be doing! Perhaps I am being called to something more than bird watching. A friend and I were discussing sin recently, and we agreed that the worst of our sins were probably those of omission rather than commission (although I have a number of those as well): failing to act with love and caring when God is clearly telling us that is what we should be doing. Sometimes I don’t act because I am afraid. Is it dangerous? What will the neighbors think? Is it too costly? Am I strong enough either physically or emotionally?  Five hurricanes in the Atlantic. A pandemic. West coast up in flames with orange skies. People poor and homeless. Peaceful marches in the streets. Violent encounters in the streets. I am almost afraid to turn on the news. I am almost afraid to ask God what God wants me to do. What if it is hard?  Is my faith strong enough to sustain me if I step out on that limb to help someone? As far as I know there is only one way to find out. Trust God and step out on the promises. Perhaps we are called for just such a time as this. God of Love and God of Power God of love and God of power, grant us in this burning hour grace to ask these gifts of thee, daring hearts and spirits free. God of love and God of power, thou hast called us for this hour. Pastor Rachel Moser

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