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Friday Greeting - June 12

        A college professor and department head was strolling across campus towards her office. Victoria Rosa-Garcia always enjoys the walk across these picturesque grounds of the school.

          One day, nothing particularly unusual was happening, however as she walked, she smelled this awful smell, that she described as smelling like rotting cabbage. Yuck!

          There were no dumpsters around…she wasn’t near the cafeteria or assortment of restaurants on campus. She drew closer to the pungent smell and discovered it was coming from a group of plants that seemed to be dying. On the ends of the branches of the plants were these little berries that were decaying from the inside, rotting and dying without ever being able to share the richness of their flavor with anyone.

     She thought to herself, “That’s what unharvested fruit smells like."

From Matthew 9:37

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."

Jesus said these words after seeing crowds of people in need of healing and salvation. His heart was moved with compassion and he told his disciples that the need in this world is great, the harvest is ready, but the laborers are few. How are we tending the fruit that needs to be harvested. Are we being nurturers of Gods good word to our friends, family and yes…even strangers who are our neighbors?

We’ll unpack this and living as sheep among wolves this Sunday morning:

You’re invited to join us this Sunday at 8:30am (Chapel Worship), 9:30am (Xperience Service) or 11:00am (Traditional Worship) on Facebook Live. 11:00 will also be broadcast on 97.9 The Bear. We do ask for you to continue to be as safe and to watch out for the safety of others as much as possible. We want all of you healthy and whole!

As many of you are most likely aware, there have been some recent increases in Covid-19 cases across NC. The increase over the past 7 days or so has been about 30%. Trying to live into Wesley’s General Rules, specifically in doing no harm, we ask you to consider the following from Duke Medical Center:

-If you have any symptoms, stay home

-If you are over 65 or are immunocompromised, please stay home

-Hygiene: Wash hands/use sanitizer

-Practice social distancing

-Use masks and limit contact with others

-Keep facility clean - we are staying on top of that!

I look forward to worshipping this Sunday morning with you and pray you are well all around!


Pastor Michael

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