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Friday Greeting - September 11

This Sunday, we are focusing on forgiveness, and what the model of forgiveness looks like. Peter wonders if forgiving an offender 7 times is enough in the Gospel according to Matthew. In Genesis, Joseph once again shows forgiveness and acceptance of his brothers after their fathers passing.

What does forgiveness in your life look like? Is there anyone that needs to hear ‘it’s ok - you’re forgiven’? Do you need to hear it?

I invite you to think about these questions and ponder on the following excerpt from Samuel Wells.

Why do we forgive? Because we don’t want to turn into creatures of bitterness locked up in the past, and we don’t want to be given over to a hatred that lets those who have hurt us continue to dominate our lives. Why do we forgive? Because, unlike Simon, we know we’re sinners too and we can’t withhold from others the forgiveness we so desperately need for ourselves. That’s why in the Lord’s Prayer we say, “Forgive us ... as we forgive those ...” Why do we forgive? Because Jesus in his cross and resurrection has released the most powerful energy in the universe and we want to be part of it and filled with it. Why do we forgive? Because we know that every form of justice, all the systems for setting things straight, has failed. Why do we forgive? Because Jesus is dying for us to forgive.” Why do we forgive? Because forgiveness is the justice of God. —Samuel Wells, Learning to Dream Again: Rediscovering the Heart of God (Eerdmans, 2013), 114.

Pastor Michael Williams

Sunday Scripture Genesis 50:15-21

Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21

Romans 14:1-12

Matthew 18:21-35

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