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Friday Greetings - June 19

In the 1990’s sociologists starting talking about “third places.” By that they meant the third anchor of our lives, the third place we spent our time. The first two being home and work. In those years, coffee houses became the first to capitalize on our need for a third place, offering what bars offer but for those who prefer not to imbibe at 10:00 in the morning. It was a place to gather and visit, to people watch and maybe even get a bit of work done. Something strange happened as we moved toward that third place reality: we began to focus on the negative of the first two and seek ways to avoid both work and home, at least mentally.

It seems to me that one of the blessings of these last 4 months and our social distancing is a regaining of our first places: home and even work. I see people longing to have a cup of coffee with coworkers they have only seen by Zoom. Even more, I see families engaging in home activity, and loving it. I have to say, I have lots of memories of time with family, both when my kids were young and when I was young. Father’s Day can be a time for those of us who have joy-filled memories to smile nostalgically, and to commit ourselves to show what family can be.

I hope you will join us this week by FaceBook or radio, and may your family be strengthened and your life enriched.

Pastor Tom

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