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Friday Greetings - June 24

There is a scene in the operetta, Jesus Christ Superstar, shortly before the trial and crucifixion in which Peter and Mary sit on the side of the stage and sing “could we start again please?” For me it is a moment in which they realize the change that is coming and wishing they could retrace their steps, noticing things they missed in the first time by. At some level, that sense of “could we start again, please” encompasses my feelings this week. I feel like these 3 years have gone so quickly, and I wish I could notice again all that I may have missed — though to be honest, I’d just as soon not repeat the Corona crisis. In any event, a change is coming. Our boxes are packed. My office is empty, and now is the time for good-byes. I hope you will come to join us for this, my final Sunday as pastor of Centenary UMC.— 8:30 in the chapel or on Facebook, 9:30 in the old Fellowship Hall or on Facebook, or 11:00 in the Fellowship Hall, on Facebook, or on the radio at 97.9FM.

Pastor Tom

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