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Friday Greetings - October 16

Most reading these words look forward to Sunday worship. Whether in person, online, on the radio…whatever format we are able to connect in is important to us. We long for words of comfort. We feel God’s presence through familiar songs and hymns. We hear God reveal God’s loving nature through the scriptures. Worship is always about God… before anything else. That said, it is also the time when the community gathers to recapture a shared vision of who they are as the community in that place and time. And whether that place is virtual, communicated through screens or face to face, it is also about making disciples of Jesus Christ. 

This week, as we look to the scriptures for this SUNDAY of the Gospel, the Psalm, the text from Exodus and our Epistle, I feel that God is leading us to the word ‘presence’…specifically God’s eternal, loving, constant presence. This is an intimate presence, a personal presence, a presence that knows your name. What a thing to celebrate and live into!!! You are known. In our over-mediated society, it’s a little to easy to get lost in the mass of voices and noise that surrounds us. Perhaps, your focus has gone adrift in these days. Let’s connect this Sunday…to one another…but more importantly, to our loving God, who takes the time to know the numbers of hair on your head. You’re important! What an amazing feeling!

Grace and Peace!

Pastor Michael

Sunday Scripture Exodus 33:12-23 Psalm 99 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 Matthew 22:15-22

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