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Friday Greetings - February 17

This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday when we remember the time that Jesus became radiant (transfigured), and God called him his beloved Son, just as when Jesus was baptized. Is that just a myth, or does it still hold meaning for modern believers? Pastor Spivey will preach Sunday about what might it mean for YOU to become transfigured. The scriptures are Matthew 17:1-5 and 2 Peter 1:16-18.

Centenary is looking for a permanent Church Sexton. The Sexton serves as the custodian, does minor maintenance, and helps set up for events in the church. If you know somebody who might be interested in doing some or all of these tasks, or if you've had positive experiences with professional cleaning companies in our area, please contact the Pastor. Thanks!

Pastor Vann

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