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Friday Greetings - January 13

Lamb of God

“Agnus Dei” is Latin for “Lamb of God,” and it’s the title for one of the oldest Christian prayers, dating back to the 7th Century. The phrase comes from John 1:29 and refers to Jesus. But what does it mean? Pastor Spivey will explore this Sunday.

Take Care!

Pastor Vann

Our community is currently in the midst of a wave of COVID, flu, and “super cold” infections. If you’re running a fever, coughing, or exhibiting other symptoms of upper respiratory illness:

1. Take a home COVID test. Early detection and treatment leads to quicker recovery.

2. If you absolutely have to go out, wear a mask and keep your distance to protect others from your illness.

3. Consider staying home Sunday and tuning in to our Facebook or radio broadcasts. We’ll keep you in our prayers!

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