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Friday Greetings - January 5

From Pastor Vann

Baptism of the Lord

This Sunday, we remember the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ. His baptism perplexes many people because they were taught that baptism is about “washing away sins” and nothing else. Since Jesus was sinless, why did he choose to be baptized? I’ll explore this mystery in my message, then we’ll reaffirm our own baptismal covenant before celebrating Holy Communion as one church family. Join us!


It’s “That” Time Again: Flu, COVID, RSV, and the “Crud”

Many Centenarians have been sick recently with respiratory infections. Hospitalizations are on the rise, as they usually are at this time of year. Many have expressed concerns about going out in public. What is Centenary doing?

First, we are NOT at this time recommending social distancing or universal mask use. This will remain the case until there is an official advisory to take stronger measures. In the meantime, there are many things you can do to lessen the chances that you will get sick or infect someone else.

I recommend that you click on the link below to the University of Chicago Medical Center website. Like Duke, Chicago is one of the country’s finest universities and hospitals.

Key takeaways on things you can do now:

  • If you’re feeling ill, keep your distance from others and avoid close contact with those who may have COVID-19 or the flu.

  • Wash your hands often to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Cover your mouth when sneezing and keep from rubbing your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Is it safe to attend worship and other church functions? If you take the precautions mentioned in the linked article, yes. Yet if you’re considered “at-risk” because of your age, a chronic health condition, or the status of your immune system, there’s no shame or guilt associated with wearing a mask or worshiping from home by tuning in to Centenary on Facebook or 97.9 FM. Prayerfully consider what option is best for you and your family.

We’ll celebrate our first Holy Communion of 2024 this coming Sunday at all three services. As usual, Communion will be by intinction (dipping a small piece of bread in the chalice of juice). If you’re uncomfortable with that method, prepackaged elements will be available, or you can choose to receive a blessing only without partaking of the elements. There will also be hand sanitizing stations near the chancel area.

Be smart and stay safe this winter! 

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