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Friday Greetings - July 23

Some of you have heard me say that the most common definition of the Church is “the voluntary assembly of like-minded individuals,” the thing of it is, we are none of those things. We are instead are the people that, in the words of Paul, have been blessed with every spiritual blessing, who have been saved by grace through faith, who have been made part of one new humanity, and we are the place the very being of God, fully, completely, and in every way is made visible in this world. This week, as we continue our journey through this letter “To The Saints at the corner of New and Middle Streets” we turn to the Church as a place where God is seen. I hope you will join us for worship this week, at 8:30, 9:30, or 11:00; in person, on Facebook, or on 97.9FM, the Bear.**

Pastor Tom

**The radio station was struck by lightning this week. Parts have been ordered but the station will not be able to broadcast our service this week. This would be a great time to worship on Facebook.

Sunday Scripture

2 Samuel 11:1-15

Psalm 14

Ephesians 3:14-21

John 6:1-21

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