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Friday Greetings - May 7

Last week, Pastor Tom concluded our journey through a series on being Easter People throughout our life. As we read more and grow on this journey, we continually discover that it's less about gaining riches and more about sacrificial living. We learn that our journey isn't one that's designed to be individualistic, but one composed of an outpouring of love for the community that we serve, the community around us and to all of God's creation.

Loving others as God loved us lies at the heart of Christian discipleship and the Christian faith can only exist through human relationships based on mutual respect, sacrifice, and human values, including love.

When we love each other as we are called to do, we fulfill the second of Jesus’ two Great Commandments. Remember? Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength and LOVE ONE ANOTHER. We'll talk about that and more Sunday...can't wait to see y'all...

in Christ's perfect love,

Pastor Michael

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