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Friday Greetings - September 22

Just Be a Christian

What’s required to be a Christian? Do you have to know all the books of the Bible? Be able to quote lots of scripture? Be morally upright in every respect? Understand and agree with the United Methodist Articles of Religion? Sunday morning, I’ll preach from John 13:34-35 and I John 4:16b-21 and examine the essential characteristics of a follower of Jesus Christ.

Will You Serve?

Centenary’s annual Charge Conference will be held on November 16. An essential part of preparing for Charge Conference is finding qualified, enthusiastic people to serve on our Church committees and ministry teams. Do you feel called to lead in 2024? Would you like to know more about how God could use your time and talents at Centenary? Contact one of our pastors if you’re interested in serving and/or leading at Centenary.

Pastor Vann

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