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Daily Encouragement - February 24

Proverbs 30:1-9 Common English Bible

The words of Agur, Jakeh’s son, from Massa.

The man declares: I’m tired, God;

I’m tired, God, and I’m exhausted.

Actually, I’m too stupid to be human,

a person without understanding.

I haven’t learned wisdom,

nor do I have knowledge of the holy one.

Who has gone up to heaven and come down?

Who has gathered the wind by the handful?

Who has bound up the waters in a garment?

Who has established all the ends of the earth?

What is this person’s name and the name of this person’s child—

if you know it?

All God’s words are tried and true;

a shield for those who take refuge in him.

Don’t add to his words,

or he will correct you and show you to be a liar.

Two things I ask of you;

don’t keep them from me before I die:

Fraud and lies—

keep far from me!

Don’t give me either poverty or wealth;

give me just the food I need.

Or I’ll be full and deny you,

and say, “Who is the Lord?”

Or I’ll be poor and steal,

and dishonor my God’s name.

Life, for many, can bring about difficult times where nothing seems to be going right in their Christian walk. Perhaps you’ve been there or know someone who may be in a struggle today. Some may feel like they’ve quickly collided with a brick wall while others have difficulty understanding how to make their faith and their secular life connect-at least not without a very heavy inner conflict.

In our Christian journey, sometimes we pray, worship, participate and study only to find we aren’t growing as fast or in the ways we would like. I was reminded in another reflection this week, one your Centenary office staff is participating in, that we often try to separate the spiritual from the secular, when in reality God is part of every part of our journey, whether invited or not, God is with us. In the times when all is well or in the times where things feel like they’re going to you know where in a bucket.

The realization of God’s greatness brought Agur to adoration. In the only prayer in Proverbs, Agur asks God to give him a meaningful life and to provide what he needs to get by every day. Today, may we remember and more richly understand the ways that God is revealed to us through the Holy Spirit. As we experience this, may we see God’s handiwork in every facet of our lives and throughout our universe and beyond. Look around…see God in the trees. See the face of Christ in someone you encounter. See the love of God through the eyes of a child. Feel God embrace you while you’re wrapped up with a good book. Feel God’s presence with you when you solve a problem at work or accomplish a tough task. May you feel your heart strangely warmed.

Pastor Michael Williams

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